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Doctor Who: My Regeneration

Groundhog Day Of The Jedi

Don't Forget The Tea!

This has been a note to self for the last few days. Keep forgetting to buy the tea for some reason. I blame The Silence to be honest. Damn them. I need something to put in my awesome new Dalek mug....

Don't Forget The Tea.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Big thanks to anyone who has visited this page over the last year or any of my social media sites. Even something as simple as clicking a like button always lifts my spirits. Your support means more to me than anything.
Happy New Year Everyone

Dreaming Of A Walter White Christmas....?

I Am The One Who Knocks...

Praying To The Alans

Tubeway Alan's classic album, Replicas, featuring the hits Down In The Partridge, Praying To The Alans and the number one single, Aha 'Friends' Electric?

Tubeway Alan

Everything Comes Down To This

Awesome shout out from the legendary Gary Numan from his official facebook page. I love it when stuff like this happens. Good advice too. Keep Calm and Listen To Splinter.


Lucinda Rosa T

Been making more of my stuff available on my Redbubble site. I did this piece a while back for some friends of mine who were in a band called Lucinda Rosa. Sadly that band arenít around anymore (especially as they were awesome) but this piece continues to get attention online. The bandís influences were Joy division, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails and I was asked to design something that reflected that. Inspiration for me came from the likes of Russell Mills, Dave Mckean and Peter Saville. Obviously my stuff is nowhere near as good as those guys but the band were quite pleased with it nonetheless.

Holy Mallrats!!

Holy Mallrats!! The Proprietor of 'Fashionable Male' thinks he's Batman!!

That Dude from 'Fashionable Male' Rises

Moon Jellyfish

Been checking out the amazing Moon Jellyfish at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth. These guys were awesome.

The Haunting

More experiments. This one seems to be proving to be quite popular on some of my social networking sites for some reason. Trying to develop my darker style of illustration work. Hope you like it.

The Visitation

Dave Clifton Needs His Own Movie....NOW!!

At last I get a mention on my favourite Radio show (6:37 in)Ö..

New Wallpapers Now Added

New wallpapers now added to the wallpapers section of this site. New wallpapers include The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and Game Of Thrones. Enjoy. :-)

Game Of Thrones Wallpaper

Norwich's Reckoning Is Now Upon Us....

That's right, folks. Alan Partridge day is now upon us. My air bass is armed and at the ready....

Alan Assassin


Been toying with this one for a while. Think it came together this evening. Sometimes getting what's in your head out onto paper is a tricky business.


Been A Long Time Coming...

Starting to feel creative again. Been a while for me now. Since I finished doing the Starburst stuff I've taken a handful of photographs but that essentially has been it. No new artwork.....nothing. Not felt like it to be honest. Lots of stuff going on in my personal life (not all good) which has left me somewhat drained sadly. So much so I literally haven't put pen to paper (mouse to table?) for virtually the last 8 months. Tried a couple of times but the creativity simply wasn't there. Anyway I won't dwell.

Last night saw a change to all this. I expect the new Numan tune gave me the inspiration for this. I tend to get a lot of inspiration from Gary's music especially if there are new sounds to be heard. Last night was no different.

Here are three new entries into the more textural/sinister side of my portfolio. Probably not everyone's cup of tea I know but I get a great kick out of doing stuff like this. Layering stuff up, reusing old images I've created to make new ones and generally working into an image for hours on end until you get the 'feel' you are looking for is an amazingly inspirational experience. Had fun doing these. Hopefully this will push me back into doing other stuff.

Texture Experiment


Piers Morgan

I Am Dust

Awesome!! The new Gary Numan track has just hit the interwebb!! A very happy Welchy currently has this on full blast...

Gary Numan Art

Ruddy Daleks!

I love the hot weather and generally hope it stays sunny in the UK for a good while yet however if I could just stop my eyes from continuously stinging then that would be lovely. Currently feel like Daleks have invaded my eyes and are having a field day within them. Cheeky blighters!!


The Partridge Principle

Setting a date in my diary for August 7th. Alpha Papa - The Alan Partridge movie hits cinemas. Can't wait for this 'sports casual' extravaganza.

The Partridge Principle

The Image Fix

Haven't done any Numan toons for a while. Really want to rectify that especially with a new album coming out soon. Even more so seeing as what I've heard from Splinter so far sounds like it's probably going to be one his best.

Did this toon a couple of months ago but for some reason I can't decide if I like it or not. Not really shared it anywhere else other than Flickr so far. I'm kind of in two minds about it. I like the fact that it's quite dark and mysterious which works well with the music but something about it isn't gelling for me. Not sure. I think I'm just keen to take a bigger step for a new piece. Not enough 'oomph' with this one. Will probably have another go sometime soon.

Everything Bleeds


An experiment.

Alien Eggs

Urban Textures

I always think that no matter how drab our surroundings are there are always amazing sights to be found. Here's a good example. This is a picture I took in the town centre of Havant last week. For those not in the know Havant's town centre has been hit quite hard by the recession in recent years and is generally quite run down with many shops either empty or completely demolished. Below is a segment from a now unused poster display unit from a bus stop in quite a run down area. I love these urban textures. They are almost like works of art when taken out of context.

Wall Texture

Zombies On A T-Shirt!

Trying my hand at a few T-Shirt designs on Red Bubble. Here's the first effort. Just got a sample one in the post. Quite impressed with quality actually....

Zombie T-Shirt on Red Bubble

Who's Next?

Who's Next

Watching Seinfeld tonight....

....does there have to be a reason? Not for me. Actually I got fed up with being shot at by the baddies on the island in the latest Tomb Raider game and needed something to cheer myself up. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Animated Dexter

Never really done much with animated gifs before but thought Iíd have a go today. Hereís my attempt with my Dexter toon. Probably too many frames for the average gif but it sort of does what I want.

Dexter Morgan

Official Cover Artist for Starburst Magazine

Crikey!! It has been a while, hasn't it. I don't appear to have updated this blog for well over a year. That is bad show. Well let's put a change to that shall we. I've had a great bit of news in recent weeks regarding my toons. I now find myself with the great title of official cover artist to the legendary Starburst magazine.

Starburst was a UK Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy magazine that ran for just over thirty years from the late 70's to the late noughties. As a magazine it grounded itself in the best of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy films, tv series, books etc. Starburst was always a great read but what was particularly great about it was that it was more than just a sum of it's parts. Starburst was never content with just reviewing the standard sci-fi fare. It is with thanks to Starburst and its then main film reviewer, Alan Jones, that I was, at a young age, introduced to the joys of the work of David Lynch, Joe Dante, Rod Serling, Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Landis, Ray Harryhausen, Goerge Lucas, Harry Bromley Davenport and many more besides. Very odd in a way now to think of a budding 13 year old sci-fi/horror fan who was busting at the gut to see films like Andrzej Zulawski's Possesion or Jean-Pierre Mocky's Litan (a film I'd still like to see if anyone knows of its whereabouts).

Starburst Magazine is now thankfully on it's way back to a magazine store near you after a two year hiatus and is looking better than ever. The magazine now has a wealth of new writers/contributers along with some of the original team and has been running for a while now as an online magazine. The plan is to bring the magazine back to hard copy in the early part of 2012 and, as I have already mentioned, I have been asked to provide a series of covers for them.

The first of these covers is now being showcased on the Starburst website and can be seen below. Have to say it was great fun to draw the Star Wars characters. I've been asked a number of times to do something Star Wars related but have never quite gotten around to it so this was a good excuse. The cover below is actually a homage to the original first issue of Startburst magazine which also featured the same array of characters. I hope you all like it.

To help show your support to this project please sign up to the Starburst Printed edition newsletter. They need to know there is enough of an audience out there to support the magazine. To sign up please click the link below and enter your details when prompted to do so.

Starburst Magazine: Star Wars Cover

Chichester Cinema - A Mind For Movies Film Quiz

A new set of my illustrations will be on show at Mind For Movies film quiz organised by Chichester Cinema at New Park on March 27th. The event will take place at the Upper Brasserie at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester.

Old bananas, die hard!

Lava Banana from Ian Welch on Vimeo.

Lava Banana are a ficticious band I created for kicks. Three weirdo characters making an electronic noise. The three characters are loosely based on Russell Brand, Karen O and Robert Smith respectively. Check them out at your peril.

Oddly despite my lack of musical talent Lava Banana have been asked to play live about five times now including two festivals. They've also had really nice comments from a number of professional beat combos and have been asked to contribute to a compilation album. Weird innit?

Artwork by me also as that's my main thing and essentially the reason I did this in the first place. I don't think Gorillaz have too much to worry about!

The Toonward Spiral

I've just added a new toon to my collection. This time another cartoon of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Quite pleased with this actually. Have used a slightly different technique for the toon itself and am also quite pleased with the background. Here is the new toon...

Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails

New Lucinda Rosa art...

Lucinda Rosa are a music project that I have become involved with. They are heavily influenced by the likes of Joy Division, The Pixies, The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Smashing Pumpkins among others. They are friends of mine and I will be doing a lot of artwork for them and a bit of marketing as well as helping them build a website presence. They were formerly known as Black Mountain College and played quite extensively around the south of England including London and Brighton. They were also, as Black Mountain College, championed by Steve Lamacq of Radio 6 music for a while. Anyways I'm currently putting together some bits of artwork for their Myspace site. Here is the latest piece...

Lucinda Rosa

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