Artwork is something of a passion for me. Whilst it's probably no more than a hobby I've not been able to give up on I've found that, over recent years, Social Media has led my artwork to some incredible places. From one of my pieces being put onto canvas for Gary Numan's current producer Ade Fenton to my work being used on a website run by the David Lynch foundation. The list of achievements is becoming endless. With over 240,000 views online my social media sites seemingly have an ever increasing audience.

Cover Art produced for Starburst Magazine (Web and Print)

Starburst Magazine: Star Wars, Captain America and Transformers

Canvas Art produced for Ade Fenton (Gary Numan's producer)

Gary Numan on Canvas

Artwork used by Don't Panic Online (Music, Film and Fashion website)

Gary Numan Artwork

Artwork used by Los Angeles Review Of Books (David Cronenberg Interview)

And tonight on The Culture Show....

Artwork used by Gary Numan Official (Official Facebook page)

Keep Calm And Listen To Splinter

Artwork Used By The David Lynch Foundation (Official Myspace Page)

David Lynch

Artwork used by Tenek (Official Facebook page)

We have a Tenek-nical

Artwork created for The Boneyard

The Boneyard

Simon Pegg Artwork used by Push To Fire (Music Website)

Simon Pegg: Shaun of the Dead

Artwork created for Chichester Cinema
(Mind For Movies Event at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester)

ASH Artwork created for Bullitt Magazine


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